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Jun 2020

The Beauty Of A Community

June 8, 2020

An organized protest at Klein (Circle) Park. Patios opening up for the first time in months. Evergreen Park showed repeatedly this week that it was a strong community. We cover it all with special guests Jerry Doorhy from Porter Cullens and John Brand from Open Outcry Brewing. Plus, The First National Bank of Evergreen Park wants to give you $300! Get the latest news and information concerning everything going on in Evergreen Park and stay connected to your neighbors! With new LIVE episodes allowing listener interaction on Wednesdays (7pm) along with the regular podcast release on Mondays, every week Evergreen Park residents join their neighbors Chris Lanuti in his 9-foot homemade oak bar in his basement for "30 Minutes of Good". Got something to say? Call us at 708-459-8406 anytime and leave a message.  #30MinutesOfGood #EvergreenPark #WeAreEvergreen