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Mar 2020

Marching Into Spring

March 2, 2020

As Evergreen Park thaws at the beginning of March, there are a lot of events on the horizon. Village spokesperson Glenn Pniewski stops by with a preview and what Chris believes is the scariest part about Spring. Hollywood Insider Ben Belton previews several big movies, while giving the inside story on a shake-up at Disney along with some celebrity encounters of his own. Hannah survives an expressway accident too! Get the latest news and information concerning everything going on in Evergreen Park! Every week Evergreen Park residents join their neighbors Chris Lanuti in his 9-foot homemade oak bar in his basement for "30 Minutes of Good". Got something to say? Call us at 708-459-8406 anytime and leave a message.  #30MinutesOfGood #EvergreenPark #WeAreEvergreen