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Jul 2020

Evergreen Park Heroes

July 27, 2020

One person is trying to keep the doors open to the Evergreen Park Food Pantry. Another EP resident saved US troops from hidden bombs in a war zone. The other two guests on this show are trying to save local restaurants. Listen to all of their stories in 30 minutes this week on The EP Podcast! It is all brought to you by The First National Bank of Evergreen Park, who want to give listeners of The EP Podcast $300! Get the latest news and information concerning everything going on in Evergreen Park and stay connected to your neighbors! New LIVE episodes allowing listener interaction on Thursdays (7pm) along with the regular podcast release on Mondays and a weekend update on Fridays. Every week Evergreen Park residents join their neighbors Chris Lanuti in his 9-foot homemade oak bar in his basement for "30 Minutes of Good". Got something to say? Call us at 708-459-8406 anytime and leave a message.  #30MinutesOfGood #EvergreenPark